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2018 Ohio Angus Officer Team
2018 Ohio Angus Board of Directors
Ohio Angus Media Kit & Advertising Opportunities

Newsletter and Website Advertising
  • Published 11 times per year (February - January) Approximate mail date is the 5th.  E-mailed  on or near 5th to E-list members
  • Copy Ready Ad Deadline is the 20th of the preceding month
  • Ad design services - submit plans by the 10th of the preceding month, additional charges apply
  • Ads from other publications - submit order instruction by the 20th of preceding month, fees may apply
  • Pricing is for copy ready ads in PDF format.  Newsletter is printed black and white -ads may be submitted in color and will be used in color for web/email versions
  • Print ads should be submitted in high resolution (300dpi) PDF format, in full color if desired, printer will convert to grayscale
  • Angus sale advertisers will receive free sale and fieldman services with the placing of 2 full page ads.
  • Must be current Ohio Angus member to advertise cattle sales, and content must relate to sale of Angus cattle.

E-Mail Blasts
  • One time e-mail with or without attachment
  • Sent to all Ohio Angus E-Blast list, including Ohio Angus member and Angus breeders from surrounding states. (App. 900 emails)
  • $100 per e-mail / $50 with purchase of full page news ad
  • Email submitted as high resolution JPeg at 1800 x 2700 pixels. 

Directory/Handbook Advertising
  • Membership directory with Ohio Angus Association, Jr. Association, and Ladies Auxiliary information, show and sale info, calendar, breeder tools, activity results and photos, and advertisements
  • Published annually in March.  Mailed directly to all members and advertisers. 
  • Additional copies distributed throughout Ohio and surrounding states at shows, sales, and industry events
  • Ad design services are available, additional charges apply
                    Black/white            Full Color       live areableed
    full page    $225                    $385                5.5 x 8.5    1/8 in. (.125)
    1/2 page    $130                    $225                5.5 x 4.25    1/8 in. (.125)
11% discount for ads received by deadline in copy ready (PDF) format Ads should be submitted 
in high resolution (300dpi) PDF.

Deadlines / Page selection
  • Premium pages / buyers choice page selection to be sold at auction, Saturday, January 27, 2018 at Ohio Angus annual banquet
  • Confidential bids will be accepted if you cannot attend auction - minimum bid $250 
  • Auction purchased ads include ad placement, design/layout, and color charges with no additional fees
  • Full color pages are limited availability and usually sell out at auction
  • February 8 - Deadline to reserve ad space
  • February 15 - Deadline for plans and materials to be submitted for Ad design / layout assistance
  •  February 17 - Copy ready (PDF) ad deadline

Direct Mailings / Mail List Access
  • The membership and other mailing lists are the sole property of the Ohio Angus Assocation and may not be duplicated or used in any manner without proper consent.
  • Members or business advertisers may conduct special mailings through the Ohio Angus Association, for $150 plus printing and mailing costs
  • Under no circumstances will the mailing list be distributed via hard copy or electronic to to anyone other than the printer of choice for the mailing.

Classified Newsletter Marketplace Advertising
  • one 50 word ad free per membership per year
  • others $10 for 30 days with 50 word max, $5 per additional 10 words, $5 per picture or link

​Joe Sanders

Vice President:
​Todd Raines

Allen Gahler

Dan Wells

Chairman of Board:
Tim Harsh

Directors At Large:
Term Expires 2018
​Fred Penick
Keith Kaufman
Kelvin Egner
Dave Felumlee
Keith Burgett
John Hall
Scott Millikan
Shawn Howell
David Baird

Term Expires 2019
John Grimes
Henry Bergfeld
Wes Untied
Jim Rentz

Regional & Jr. Association Directors
John King - Black Swamp
Chip Enos - Eastern Ohio
Nick Wagner - North Central
Jay Clutter - West Central
Jamie Wheeler - Ohio Jr. Angus

Celebrating 100 Years of Angus Excellence!