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Ohio Regional Angus Associations

Below are the 4 recognized Regional Associations of Ohio Angus. 

Each recognized Regional Association is represented on the Ohio Angus Board of Directors with a State Director.

WCOAA logo website.jpg
West Central Angus Assoc.

President: Ron Miller, Wapakoneta, OH

Vice President: Michelle Bockelman, Napoleon, OH

Sec./Treasurer: Jay Clutter, Wapakoneta, OH

State Director: Jay Clutter, Wapakoneta, OH

NCOAA logo website.jpg
North Central Angus Assoc.

President: David Hartschuh, Sycamore, OH

Vice President: Phil Feik

Sec./Treasurer: Darlene Wagner, Attica, OH

State Director: Nick Wagner, Attica, OH

EOAA logo website.jpg
Eastern Ohio Angus Assoc.

President: Kenny Johnson, Salesville, OH

Vice President: Scott Davis, Zanesville, OH

Sec./Treasurer: Nancy Snook, Caldwell, OH

State Director: Chip Enos, Cambridge, OH

Black Swamp Angus Assoc.

President: Scott Keisel, Tiffin, OH

Vice President: Darlene Wagner, Attica, OH

Sec./Treasurer: Megan Frederitz

State Director: John King, Tiffin, OH

Black Swamp web heading.jpg
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