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Ohio Angus Association Distinguished Service Award

Nomination Criteria:

Please fill out the below form in its entirety as accurately as possible. The below application must be submitted by December 22nd through this form or by email to

Angus breeders within the State of Ohio have historically made significant contributions to the advancement of the Angus Breed in the United States. This has happened because of the strong commitment of Ohio Angus people to be the best they can be, both in their business and personal lives. The Board of Directors of the Ohio Angus Association feels that an avenue for recognition should be provided to individual breeders and their families who exemplify this ideal.


We invite and encourage individual members of the Ohio Angus Association or any of the regional organizations to annually submit a nomination for someone who you feel meets the following criteria:


  • The nominee must be a member in good standing of the Ohio Angus Association.

  • The nominee must be a documented breeder of registered Angus cattle for a minimum of 25 years.

It will be beneficial to the nominee if it can be documented that this individual/family has participated in and contributed to a variety of local, state and national Angus activities.


The breeding program of the nominee should demonstrate diversity, creativity, and progress which have contributed to the advancement of the breed during their time as an Angus breeder.


Active community involvement and contributions by the nominee should be documented.


Throughout this nomination process total family involvement where applicable should be stressed.

Basic Information

Farm Information

Nominee Resides at the farm

Breeding Program

Enrolled in AHIR?
Do you send cattle to Bull Tests?
Involved in CAB feeding projects?

Angus Association Activities

For each person in the family who has participated in any Angus activity please list below or upload an attachment with the name of that family member and the activity. Designate the activities under the headings of Local, State and National.

Community Activities

Media Coverage

I, as the nominator, am a member of the Ohio Angus Association, and I submit and support this nomination for the Ohio Angus Association Distinguished Service Award.

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