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Silver Show Award Rules


The following rules and point system will be used for Silver Show Awards for Boys, Girls, bred and owned and Juniors except where noted. Points may be accumulated on animals for which there are cases at American Angus Association sponsored Junior shows (bred & owned heifers, bred & owned bulls, bred & owned cow/calf pairs, owned heifers and Registered Angus Steers). Only the winnings of two animals at each show may be used, same each year as set forth by the American Angus Association. The winner will be selected by a committee appointed by the Board of Directors of the Ohio Angus Association and the sponsor of the award. The following point system shall be used for all awards: 

Only ONE County or Independent Fair and TWO Jackpot Shows may be used for points.

Bred and owned award, 1 Boy - 1 Girl, 2 animals can count points the same as Silver Show Rules.

Points can also be used in the Silver Show Award.

Class points will only count in designated Bred and Owned Show.

An animal may only accumulate 1 point value per show, points are not cumulative for class, division, and overall champion.


Completed forms are due December 22 of the application year.

Upload Silver Show Award Application.

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