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Ohio Beef Expo | Ohio State Fairgrounds | Columbus, OH

1. All cattle coming to the Ohio Beef Expo must be halter broke.

2. No pumping of Ohio Beef Expo sale, show, or display cattle permitted per the Ohio Administrative Code 901-19 through Ohio Livestock Exhibition rule 901-19-13. Cattle that have been pumped will not be permitted to participate in Ohio Beef Expo activities, including sales and shows. Ohio Beef Expo sale, show or display cattle are required to follow Ohio's Livestock Show Reform Law, Chapter901 of the Ohio Revised Code, and all mandatory rules under Ohio Livestock Exhibitions, as set forth in Section 901-19-01 through 901-19-21 of the Ohio Administrative Code. The Ohio Beef Expo has zero tolerance for the use of any unapproved drug at any point in an animal's life. 'Exhibition Drug Residue Legal' means an animal, including breeding cattle, has not been administered a drug that is U.S. Feed & Drug Administration (FDA) approved for use in cattle; or enhances the true confirmation or configuration of an animal, including rope, false hair, graphite, and hemp is prohibited. Penalties for violation of these mandatory rules will follow the penalties outlined in the Ohio Cattlemen's Association BEST rules for 2023-2024.

Any Ohio Beef Expo sale, show or display cattle exhibitor who has been found by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to be in violation of mandatory Ohio Livestock Exhibition Rules 901-19-1 through 901-19-21 of the Ohio Administrative Code and has been barred by another entity may be barred from participation in the Ohio Beef Expo.


3. No cattle are permitted on the Ohio Expo Center grounds before 7 a.m., Wednesday, March 13. Exhibitors are permitted to bring tack and other equipment on the grounds for set-up beginning on Tuesday, March 12.

4. All Ohio Beef Expo show, sale, and display cattle must be in place at the Ohio Expo Center by no later than 12 noon Thursday, March 14. Cattle selling on Friday, March 15 must arrive at the Expo Center on Wednesday, March 13. Sale cattle may depart as they sell on Friday, March 15 or Saturday, March 16. All cattle will be stalled in the O’Neill building and all exhibitor equipment must be removed by no later than 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 16.

5. All Ohio Beef Expo show, sale, and display cattle trailers must be parked north of 17th Avenue in the trailer parking lot during the Expo. The only exception to this parking requirement is buyer trailers will be permitted to enter the Expo grounds at the 11th Avenue Ohio Expo Center entrance on Friday and Saturday, March 15 and 16 only and park in the “big slide” area during the Expo breed sales for easier loading.

6. Cattle will be stalled by breeds in the O’Neill building by Ohio Beef Expo staff and breed representatives. Mulch will be in place upon arrival.

7. Limited tie-outs under the viaduct will be available. Tie-out space will be designated by breed and will be coordinated by Ohio Beef Expo staff and breed representatives. All junior show cattle will tie-out in the northern section of the viaduct. Show and sale cattle exhibitors whose immediate family also have junior cattle may have them stalled together in tie-outs under the viaduct, providing they inform their breed representatives of the number of junior cattle one week prior to arrival at the Expo. No early reserving of viaduct space will be permitted. Any signs posted will be removed and any pens chained shut will be cut. When at tie out, all cattle must be tied. There will be a 12-head minimum required in each viaduct bay. All tents must be set-up on the west side of the viaduct and not under the viaduct. Mulch for bedding under the viaduct is not provided, but is available for an additional purchase upon arrival at Expo. Straw is permitted, but will not be provided.


8. All Ohio Beef Expo show, sale, and display participants (both in-state and out-of-state) must be current members of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association to participate in the Expo. OCA family memberships are $75 payable before March 14, 2024. If unpaid by March 16, OCA memberships will increase to $125. Sale managers will deduct $125 for OCA membership from the check of every unpaid sale consignor. For show and display participants, the breed will be invoiced $125 for every non-OCA member.


9. Ohio Beef Expo fees for show, sale, and display cattle are invoiced directly to the breed and/or sale manager. They include fees for breed participation based on the number of head, veterinary per head charges, $30 per head stalling for Ohio Expo Center facility rental based on the number of head that arrive at Expo, $30 per head for mulch bedding based on the breed reservation numbers submitted at the February 7 Expo planning meetings. Participants are encouraged to inform breed representatives of larger animals that will require more than one stall and additional mulch. Breeds using internet

broadcasting for their Expo sales will be charged for the broadcasting service and for internet hook-up. Contact your Expo breed representative or the Ohio Beef Expo staff for a copy of the Ohio Beef Expo breeds fees.

10. All sales held in conjunction with the Ohio Beef Expo must purchase advertising space for the sale in the Expo issue of the Ohio Cattleman magazine.


11. All Ohio Beef Expo show, sale, and display participants must be in good financial standing with the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association to participate in the Expo. This means all Ohio Cattleman magazine advertisers with past due accounts must pay all outstanding invoices before they can participate in the Expo.

12. All Ohio Beef Expo sale cattle (in-state and out-of-state) and any show and display cattle originating outside Ohio must have health papers. Contact your sale manager, Ohio Beef Expo breed rep, or visit the Ohio Beef Expo website for the latest Expo health requirements.


13. All cattle in breed sales, show cattle, display breeds and Genetic Pathway cattle, including cattle originating in Ohio, must be tested negative for Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) persistently infected (PI) status prior to arrival at the 2024 Ohio Beef Expo. Any animals (required to be tested) arriving at the Expo without a negative BVD PI test, will be ineligible to participate in the 2024 Ohio Beef Expo and will be excused from the show grounds, will be ineligible to sell, and will be required to stay in livestock trailers north of 17th Avenue during the event. Documentation of testing with negative results must be listed on the required health certificate and/or laboratory report of negative status provided. Sale managers/breed representatives (for all breed sale, show and display cattle housed in the O’Neill building) will follow-up with consignor/exhibitors the week prior to Expo to insure that BVD tests have been done before arrival at the Expo. Ohio Beef Expo junior show cattle are also required to have a negative BVD PI test. (See 2024 Ohio Beef Expo health requirements for more details.)


14. All Ohio Beef Expo sale cattle (in-state and out-of-state) will be required to have 840 RFID tags in their ears prior to arrival at the Ohio Beef Expo and have the 15 digit tag number recorded on their health paper.


15. All Ohio Beef Expo show cattle and display cattle are strongly encouraged to have 840 RFID tags in their ears prior to arrival at the Ohio Beef Expo. At a minimum, all out-of- state Expo cattle participating in breed shows or displaying must have official identification according to the USDA Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) rule. Tattoos matching registrations will be accepted for out-of-state show and display cattle only.


16. Breeds selling less than 25 head of live lots in the prior year’s Ohio Beef Expo sale, will forfeit the right to retain their established sale time the following year.


17. Ohio juniors purchasing heifers in an Expo sale are permitted to enter them immediately after the sale for the junior show on Sunday, March 19, providing the bill of sale is in the junior’s name and verification of pedigree and age. All heifers purchased in an Expo sale must show in the breed division where they sold. Contact Ohio Beef Expo staff for information on entering the junior show. Entries must be made on Saturday, March 16 as soon as possible following the sale.

Ohio Beef Expo Breed Rules & Information

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